When will Niume pay me my Balance Revenue

I had an outstanding balance of $33 in my revenue account here. Can anybody guide me when this amount would finally be paid to bloggers. I have written several emails to niume administrators asking them to clear my dues but none has been responded to so far. I understand that niume made a ‘revenue stoppage ‘ announcement starting June 01 2017 but said that it would balances and website would continue without revenue.

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Expensive Date-Trickyou is CAUGHT-Part 16-Futter is approached -Part D

Fit saw the slain and lainand took a wispy dancein the chamber muttering ” I smellsomething apart from mah odorand these guys were up to somethin for sureguess three or four stingsmight do the chore,these dopees are softand would get up”.Saying that he approachedDope and with his rodflipped the lean stick(aka Dopeking) overand on his pebble thin buttshe smacked four; Dope seemedto move but not enoughthen Fit faced his own buttsangled them onDope’s faceand with efforthard he let outa volley short(sharp pits and pats followedby a penultimate potttt-he kept suchshorties ready for situations of revenge)and the spray hit Dopein his nostrilsand he sprang screamingstraight upas if he wasjust deliveredfrom his motha’s womb.Dope held his noseand shrieked, “Who the fuckacan fart this bad,Oh! mi gawdthis killed my dopeof one monthin one go !”Then his eyessettled on Fitwho was watchin Dopewith shit menacein eyes.Fit said and sang,” Ya beadygood for nothin motha’s sonnywhat you doin layinin cops’ chamberwith Trick downguess there was struggleand ya all mugged a lone copand now I am on revengeand my rod wouldhelp yer butts get redand ya knowonce I startI do it more and moreat least till there are sores.See this roddy and see it wellit soon gunna singon yer pebblees like hellturnover and show me the flatsand I would bat , and let meting tonga tong & ta ta ting!”Dope heard it allrather clearand began to shakehe immediately coveredhis hips with his handsand ranFit pursuedand there was a chase.In chase Fit stungDopemany times, but wood stick thinDope had fat choke Fit pantin soon.Suddenly other doorto chamber openedand a lean guy enteredwith a somersaultand his three vaultshid his face and as he stood straight with backto Fit; Fit stung him(new arrival)on his peblees many timesthinking he was Dope.But Dope it was notrather it was the notorious copFutter who had stepped inand Futter was in tearsmassaginghis now red butts.Before Fit could realize whathe had doneFutter, true to his character,staggeredand did a half somersaultand fell on the ground flatbeside two Dopeesseeming rather & so dead!To be contd…….PS: This is being excerpted here with permission from the author. This is part two of a very hilarious part one book by the same author. If interested in extreme hilarity try part I(or volume I) of this book here:kindlepaperback

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Expensive Date-Trickyou is CAUGHT-Part 16-Futter is approached – part E

Fit frozehis rotund buttsshrankas he sawFutter laying almost like deadface downand his peblees up.Dopeking saw Fithapless and lookinglike an owl at nightwith fear writ largeon his contorted face.God knowshow his ‘dope killed’brain workedbut it did for a changeand he began to screamin song and dance,” Murdermurder ,this fartee did oneeither by his odoror through his rodeeehe killed oneof his kindnow he should be behindif nobody thinks soeven then I dobing bang bangI gunna do the ting tang tang”saying that he grabbed the rodfrom Fit’s handand before Fit could do a thingDope smarted Fit’s arsewith a rain of stings,singin, ” Take one and take manyyou asshole, enemy of dopeesand mankind at large;with your drain like farts-which can killin seconds the worstof nose hard;I gunna stump your arsetill it refuses to fart,hereyou go…tok tok thud thud crack crackI am gunna sayping pong po ping pong poand again bloody ping pong po ping pong pofew more stingsand your gas nozzle gunna swellwith no farts outit would be likea cat with a bell”.Thus,revenging Fit’s wrongs of minutes ereand Fit instead of cop ragefell into a guilt welland began to scream.Each sting rumpledFit’s fat assand it went liveas Fit ran in circlesrattling clear and loudpit pit pit pit pat pat pat pat pot pot potput put put put potta and yet pit pat put potta;entire chamber resonated with explosions,and Dope was about to dieyet again outta stench;another disability that was hitting Dopewas ,that his weight was a few gramsmore than the roddy that he was usingand he tottered as he stung Fitmany a timesand was about to fall face down,staggering dangerously on hismatch stickee legs.Yet now he was having funat discomfiture of Fitand on this high noteof sounds of screams and explosionsRack and Lookingboth came aroundand slowly took positionsby Dope’s side.Holding him stableas Dope warmedthe fartin oven of Fitwith glowfrom the grabbed baton.To be contd…..PS: This is being excerpted here with permission from the author. This is part two of a very hilarious part one book by the same author. If interested in extreme hilarity try part I(or volume I) of this book here:kindlepaperback

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Expensive Date-Trickyou is CAUGHT-Part 17-Futter is approached-Part A

While Fit was massaginghis red arseand Futter lay comfortably deadwith his peblees upand as dopees’ partywas now all alive;a slightly strange thing happenedDope’s pants slipped downas he had demonstrated ereand he stood stilland in an embarrassed voice he sang,”didn’t I tell ya allrunning ain’tfor thin blokesat alllookee at this panteeit went downthis rodee is the villaintoo heavy for me to carryI did not quite knowwhetherto hold it up and hardor allow the panteeto have me scarredgot just two handsand with onepantee simply cannot be upand now Rack and Lookdo not look scareddopees havethis much of rodand no more,if not convincedcheck yours,and, can yousee the stringwhich was holdingthe pantee upit seems it is all gonewithout it I wouldremain like this,just go and findhmmm hahahaI am nudelike St.Judeand will remain sotill you save meyou both zombiesfrom yonderwho are swayinlike dope filleddustbinsand at all costthis fartin killershould not escapelets vowby my slipped panteeting tong tow ting tong tow”Having sang thatDope stood stillholding his rodin coverrather than the batongrabbed.PS: This is being excerpted here with permission from the author. This is part two of a very hilarious part one book by the same author. If interested in extreme hilarity try part I(or volume I) of this book here:KindlePaperback

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Thorny greens

Have you ever visited a forest and walked inside on foot. You must be equipped with long protective boots that have leather laced up to your ankles. You know the reason very well. Such forest expanses are beset with over grown and wild grasses that often acquire the sharpness of razor blades. These grasses when they rustle against exposed skin can result in blood oozing out. In this painting I have portrayed such a field of grass. have a careful look and you would discover such grass neatly stacked in greens:

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Drak brown dusk sky

I am fond of watching day and its lights. These change millions of hues as 24 hours expire. Sunlight changes its angles as its rays fall from straight to slanting thus leading to light conditions of various hues. Atmosphere covering Earth ,particularly clouds, help or obstruct light conditions. Here in this painting I have tried to paint a dark brown dusk sky:

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Uncertain face

Have you been an observer of human faces. They make maps of millions of kind and there have been a lot of efforts to classify such faces. Often used categories and happy,sad,angry,worried,red etc. Here I have tried to get on canvas an uncertain face. If you really do look carefully at this painting you would see the uncertainty writ large on its face:

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Oh! Chirp fly to be free

I do not need youdefinitely notplease do not read into wordsthey are thrown in airfor the sake of artwords have meaningsand they matchcircumstances of manyI am connected to millionsand words are for themand they do not serve uniquebut one to many.Telling youthat I need youwould be a crimesetting you in a prisonwhich you could never escapeI wish you to be a free birdand take flightinto a blue skywith a pair that be.I would love your flightto be so happy and fastthat you vanishfrom my eyewithout saying goodbyethat is the wayyou would unhingeand give mebreathing spaceand when in spaciousstate I could moveand actsetting straightmany wrongsmake the worlda bit fairer by farso little chirpfly talland fly swiftand be gonebeyondthat high mountainand cliff!

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[ There are three ]

There are threethoughts that nag mehow are youwhere are youand if you think likewise?I am ferventand almost spentworrieseat meyour hugs chase meyour kisses wet meI tossand tumblein bedhope you not red(lol)Oh! creature of my dream worksyou were always deviousand a tad business likebut that first smileof yourscaptured me bestI sit by my window sillwaiting for your returnbut will you ever?That is the questionhope you are notdrawing billson other gents that beand sayingI am tiredand too exhausted to return!guffaw hahahahahaa situational piece of poetry

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Chariot’s wheel

Have you ever seen a chariot. A historic film would take you to a chariot right away. After having viewed a chariot have you ever seen a close of its wheel. Well the wheel is likely to be as ornamented and decorated as the chariot itself. The Higher the authority of the chariot rider the better is the chariot and wheel in looks. Sometimes gold and at others diamonds get studded in such contraptions. Here I have tried to portray a chariot’s wheel in motion for you. Take a careful look:

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Transparent box of candies

Candies have been my favorite since long. They are favorites of most-be it children or adults. All seem to adore them and grab them to savor them all as fast as possible. Especially when such candies are sent to as a gift you simply cannot resist the temptation. As the sweetness is double-that of candies and added sweetness of some body having kind wishes for you as exhibited in that gift. I tried to paint a transparent candies box with thick digital brushes and this was the outcome of black outlined box and golden wrapper placed candies:

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Close up flower bud

I am fascinated by nature and am quite content to capture them in as many ways as I can. Here is a flower that has unfolded completely and I tried capturing its inner colorful parts as they were in bloom. This can work out to be fascinating piece of artwork to behold. Kindly see the nuances carefully:

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Lighted fountain

This is a fabulous painting. I used a noble blue color to convey the impression of a fountain. This work is called lighted fountain and meaning is rather clear. It has fountain like spurts of blue with straights built in to convey spring water. Then if you look carefully you would find the sparkling colors of lights to convey that this is indeed a lighted fountain. Please enjoy it all.

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Solitary Brooding

A mist gathers overthe morning water bodysun yet in languor of night eremoon lamenting loss of silverand its faded fall in riversoon to be usurped by sunas steps move in dew wetgrass ;my steps stopto observe the vistaafter my uncertainand interrupted night siestaeyes were soothedby cold sheetwith wrinkles of ripplesand there was thisa bloom of silkred, pink, yellow andvoila greenall roses ofseveral huesstacked neatlyin a societyby the side of shoremy eyes began to storethe calmness, tranquilityand colors of morningcombining to make a peacethat numbed the mind, heartand then soultransfixed I stoodthis was the longestI had spenton a solitary brood !

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Life of creator

A potter is messed with claycut, join, stage and slaytill shape stayscircle movesand driestill the creationcan dismount.Three beadsof sweatfrom browwhereenergiesof the bodyand potentialenergyof work-mentaland manual-gatherand droplike ripe mangoesfrom tree,on the creationand mergeas mild humidityin the drying;creation is dryingbut creatoris dyinga bit nowa bit lateras he straightenshis legs, loinsand stands upwill he stand upand stay thusfor long?

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It is not about you but about somebody who matters !

I have written her offthis page is out of my bookmy back is turnedand I am facing northfor steps that are firmand resolutemy mind says nothingmy heart beats normallyI am coldyet tepidI am now no longer involvedand this has evolvedover a timewhere assessmentsindicatedwide variationsbetween what was expectedand what was realthey were ratheraccording to my fearsit was not that expectationswere too highit was ratherthat realitywas messy and ugly by farand so low;a gift wrappingsparklesbut the giftis worthlessand the packageis fit for dustbin.Thus, I am nonchalantand assured of my actsthat are to comeand bear testimonyto my lifein factssome sweetand othersbitterbut all intact!

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Positive despite negative

A word of familiarityhuga word of closenesskissand two words of lovedeep kissa word of welcomesmilea word of likingbeaminga word of exclusionsmirka word of communicationchat(group of words)what would you call a statewhere hug, kiss, deep kiss, smile beaming and chatall take placedespitea smirk?

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